Klipsch was one of the first loudspeaker companies in the U.S., founded more than 65 years ago. In fact, their first product, the Klipschorn - developed in 1945 - is considered to be the finest loudspeaker ever made and is still produced today… a true testament to the company's enduring innovative spirit.

Klipsch is recognized as the #1 speaker company with #1 or #2 market positions across most of its primary categories. Despite the challenging global economies of recent years, Klipsch has continued to grow its market share while marketing three other high-quality, premium brands: Jamo, Mirage and Energy

Klipsch boasts a broad variety of products across a number of audio categories including home theater systems; indoor and outdoor speaker lines; surround sound systems; sub woofers; professional installation products such as cinema speakers; and personal audio products including headphones, iPod docking stations, computer speakers and more.

The brand enjoys a premium position in the installation channel, which targets residential contractors, high-end commercial installations and cinemas. In the residential channel, which represents the majority of Klipsch sales today, the company has consistently maintained a top-five market position in North America, selling a host of in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor speakers. Klipsch is the chosen speaker brand for all Hard Rock Hotels, Jimmy Buffet's Margaretville restaurants , Cold Stone Creameries, Sheraton NY Hotels, Muzak, Regal Cinemas, and Cinepolis La Capital Del Cine, among others. In fact, over the past decade, more than 50 percent of all new cinemas in the Americas have installed Klipsch products, as estimated by company management.

On the international front, roughly 40 percent of Klipsch products are distributed outside of the U.S. and the Klipsch, Jamo and Energy brands already enjoy distribution in China and other Asia/Pacific countries, Australia, Russia, South America and throughout EMEA.

Klipsch's proven legacy of innovation makes it the high-end audio solution of choice. New distribution alliances and continued product innovation will ensure the brand continues to be the #1 solution to customers around the globe.