VOXX International Sustainability Programs

sustainabilityVOXX International understands that being a sustainable company is a journey and that reaching our goals will take time. However, every journey starts with one step and we have set out on the road. We supply thousands of products manufactured by hundreds of vendor partners throughout the world. Our goal is not only to reach optimum sustainability, but also along the way to show our customers, employees and the end-consumer continued commitment and meaningful progress toward our long-term environmental vision and social-responsibility programs.

Our commitment to sustainability started with the green packaging initiative and in more recent years has shifted to improving the environmental performance of our management, products, operations, and even our supply chain - which involves working in tandem with partner companies' sustainability goals. Supplier compliance is also continually monitored.

A Sustainable Company Starts with Leadership

To reach our goals, we are educating and encouraging all VOXX International employees worldwide to think about the protection of the environment and implement sustainability practices as part of their job responsibilities. Recycling and energy-conservation programs are in effect in every VOXX International location around the globe - and that's just the beginning. Employees are encouraged to participate from simple eco-friendly initiatives like turning off lights and equipment to more substantial efforts like initiating environmentally sound product development and procedures that will benefit this and future generations.

Environmental Health and Safety

VOXX International takes environmental health and safety (EHS) very seriously, and believes that EHS is at the center of a sustainable organization. The company has a structured Environmental Management System. We are ISO 14001 certified and are committed to preventing pollution and recycling as many materials as possible.

It is initiatives like these - as well as those which will arise from future innovation - that empower Audiovox sustainability programs that make a real difference.

VOXX Electronics Corp. Environmental Policy Statement

It is VOXX Electronics Corp. (VEC), formally Audiovox Electronics Corporation, policy to include environmental considerations into all corporate activities. We will manage our programs in a manner that protects the ecosystem and public health. In support of this policy, VEC makes the following commitment:

  • We are committed to achieving compliance with applicable environmental requirements, including federal, state and local regulations and other requirements associated with Environmental Aspects.
  • We will integrate pollution prevention/waste minimization, resource conservation, and compliance into all of our planning and decision- making. We will adopt cost-effective practices that eliminate or minimize Environmental Impacts.
  • We will define, prioritize, and correct/clean-up existing environmental problems, if any.
  • We will work to continually improve our environmental management system. We will establish appropriate environmental objectives and performance indicators to measure our progress.
  • We will work to maintain a positive, proactive, and constructive relationship with our neighbors in the community, regulators, customers, and other stakeholders. We will openly communicate our progress and performance.
  • We will perform periodic reviews of VEC progress on environmental goals and adherence to this policy.

It is initiatives like these - as well as those which will arise from future innovation - that empower Audiovox sustainability programs that make a real difference.

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