VOXX International Technology Innovation

To lead the charge in mobile after market or OEM and in-home or portable consumer electronics, a company must invest in and serve as an innovator in technology — developing it, adapting it to new applications, and remaining vigilant about delivering the next breakthrough. VOXX International has used technology to secure its place as an industry leader from our introduction of the very first aftermarket car stereo in the 1960s, to in–car live TV with the latest ATSC mobile DTV applications to this year's launch of personal sound amplifiers.

Changing Consumer Electronics Technology

VOXX International has kept pace with market trends, launched innovative products and continually pushed the envelope on consumer-electronics technology. As the world began the integration of Live TV into the vehicle, VOXX International developed territorial broadcast digital TV mobile receiver systems as the world moved from analog to High Definition televisions our RCA and TERK teams took a leadership role in the Digital TV transition, delivering products that revolutionized the antenna market. As the world has become more connected, we have placed a strong emphasis on software development and user experience to deliver digital content to both our mobile and consumer products' in friendly, innovative ways. Our RCA high-speed power line networking products help connect new Connected TV, Blu–ray player and set-top boxes with high speed broadband connection. Mobile products provide iPad and iPhone interface with touch screen controls.

The VOXX International family of brands comprises nearly 20 globally recognized names including RCA, Jensen, Acoustic Research, Advent and now Klipsch. Many of our brands are industry leaders in their categories and hold top–ten positions in their categories.

  • Combined, our Audiovox and Jensen branded products hold the number-one market position for in–vehicle video
  • RCA leads the way in unit sales with universal remote controls and digital antennas
  • Acoustic Research is bringing significant innovation to docking products for smartphones and tablets as well as for their associated software apps
  • The new innovative USB charger product line under the Acoustic Research brand provides an intelligent charge–control circuit that can switch from charging a small smartphone to a large tablet that consumes much more current.
  • New RCA Symphonix and AR Hear Better personal sound amplifiers (PSA) preach a whole new product category.

Keeping up with technological advances in all of those brands and categories requires an engineering staff that has formidable technological capabilities as well as a commitment by the corporation to provide the resources necessary to succeed.

And succeed we have, by combining the latest in technology with product development that pays close attention to customer needs, consumer trends, product detail, exacting engineering and marketing partnerships with technologically driven companies ... from component manufacturers to quality manufacturing partners in the U.S. and regulatory compliance.

Recognized Technology Innovation

The VOXX International design team has cultured and developed a treasure trove of intellectual property, an asset that we highly value and that sets us apart from the competition. VOXX International currently owns more than 100 issued United States utility and design patents covering inventions in the fields of mobile video, automotive security and convenience systems telematics and consumer electronics products. New patent applications are filed as soon as a products are conceptualized. Audiovox owns many patents issued in foreign markets including Canada, Europe and Asia and numerous pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.

Technology innovation and VOXX International go hand in hand, creating the possibilities that will shape the consumer-electronics innovations of tomorrow.