XM Direct 2
Windows 7 XM Direct Device manager software upgrade
Step 1:
1) Browse to the Control Panel and click Hardware and Sound
Step 2:
2) Inside the Hardware and Sound click Device Manager (Most systems require you to be administrator in order to make modifications)
Step 3:
3) After opening up the device manager locate the Bad installation. The bad installation will show a Yellow and Black EXCLAMATION point.
Step 4:
4) Right Click on the Unknown Device and select UPDATE DRIVER SOFTWARE
Step 5:
5) Click the BROWSE My Computer for Driver software:
Step 6:
6) Verify the path is pointing to the driver installation files. (C:\Program Files\XM Direct 2 is the default location. If you cannot locate the files you must rerun the XM_Direct_2.msi file from http://audiovox.com/xmdirect/)
Step 7:
7) Windows will not know who the drivers are from so they give you a warning screen that you must accept and allow the install. Click Install this driver software anyway to continue.
Step 8:
8) Software is installing
Step 9:
9) Install is done
Step 10:
10) Verify in the device manager the device is reading as XM Universal board V3