Growth Strategy

Our objective is to grow our business both organically and through strategic acquisitions. We will drive the business organically by continued product development in new and emerging technologies that should increase gross margins and improve operating income. We are focused on expanding sales both domestically and internationally and broadening our customer and partner base as we bring these new products to our target markets. In addition, we plan to continue to acquire synergistic companies that would allow us to leverage our overhead, penetrate new markets and expand existing product categories. Notwithstanding the above, if the appropriate opportunity arises, the Company will explore the potential divestiture of a product line or business.

The key elements of our strategy are as follows:

Continue to build and capitalize on the VOXX family of brands. We believe the "VOXX" portfolio of brands is one of our greatest strengths and offers us significant opportunity for increased market penetration. Today, VOXX International has over 30 global brands in its portfolio, which provides the Company with the ability to bring to market products under brands that consumers know to be of high quality. In addition, with such a wide brand portfolio, we can manage channels and sell into multiple outlets, as well as leverage relationships with distributors, retailers, aftermarket car dealers and expeditors, and to global OEMs. Finally, we are open to opportunities to license some of the brands as an additional use of the brands and as a growth strategy.

Continue to maintain diversified, blue chip customer base. VOXX distributes products through a wide range of specialty and mass merchandise channels, and has arrangements with Tier-1 auto OEMs. OEM products accounted for approximately 38% of Fiscal 2017 sales. The top-five customers represented 29% of sales and no single customer accounted for over 10% of Fiscal 2017 sales.

Capitalize on niche product and distribution opportunities in our target markets. Throughout our history, we have used our extensive distribution and supply networks to capitalize on niche product and distribution opportunities in the automotive, premium audio and consumer accessories categories. We will continue that focus as we remain committed to innovation, developing products internally and through our outsourced technology and manufacturing partners to provide our customers with products that are in demand by consumers.

Combine new, internal manufacturing capabilities with our proven outsourced manufacturing with industry partners. For years, VOXX International employed an outsourced manufacturing strategy that enabled the Company to deliver the latest technological advances without the fixed costs associated with manufacturing. With recent acquisitions, the Company has added manufacturing capabilities to produce select product lines, such as high-end speakers, rear-seat entertainment systems, and security-related products. This blend of internal and outsourced manufacturing enables the Company to drive innovation, control product quality and speed time-to-market.

Use innovative technology generation capabilities to enable us to build a robust pipeline of new products. VOXX has invested significantly in R&D and has increased R&D expenditures from $15,890 in Fiscal 2013 to $32,725 in Fiscal 2017, net of reimbursements. The Company saw significant increases in Fiscal 2017 due in part to the acquisition of a controlling interest in EyeLock on September 1, 2015, as it was the first full year that EyeLock was reported in the Company's consolidated results of operations. VOXX uses a mix of internal and external R&D, internal and external manufacturing, and has a number of valuable trademarks, copyrights, patents, domain names, and other intellectual property. Through VOXX's increased focus on R&D, the Company has built a pipeline of new products across all three segments, principally within the Automotive and Consumer Accessories segments.

Leverage our domestic and international distribution network. We believe that today VOXX International Corporation has the most expansive distribution network. Our distribution network, which includes various types of retailers and chain stores, mass merchandisers, distributors, system integrators, communication network providers, smart grid manufacturers, banks, cinema operators, cell phone providers, the U.S. military, car dealers, and OEM's should allow us to increase our market penetration. We intend to capitalize on new and existing distribution outlets to further grow our business across our three operating segments, both domestically and abroad.

Grow our international presence. We continue to expand our international presence through our local subsidiaries in Europe, as well as operations in Canada and Hong Kong. We also continue to export from our domestic operations in the United States. Our strategy remains to diversify our exposure to any particular geography, while expanding our product offerings and distribution touch points across the world.

Pursue strategic and complementary acquisitions. We continue to monitor economic and industry conditions in order to evaluate potential strategic and synergistic business acquisitions that are expected to allow us to leverage overhead, penetrate new markets and expand our existing business distribution. Over the past several years, the Company has employed an M&A strategy to build its brand portfolio and enhance its product offerings in higher margin product categories, while at the same time, exiting lower margin and commoditized product lines, resulting in improved bottom-line performance. The Company is focused on continuing to grow organically, but may pursue opportunistic acquisitions to augment our automotive segment (primarily with OEM accounts), consumer accessories and premium audio.

Improve bottom-line performance and generate sustainable shareholder returns. The Company has instituted an aggressive strategy in recent years to shift its product mix to higher-margin product categories, while controlling costs and strategically investing in its infrastructure. The Company remains focused on growing its business organically, continuing to enhance its gross profit margins and leveraging its fixed overhead structure to generate sustainable returns for its stockholders.

Maintain disciplined acquisition criteria. Virtually all of our acquisitions over the past decade have been made to strengthen our product offerings, customer reach and growth potential across our operating business segments. Our strategy remains to acquire complementary businesses, products and/or assets in our Automotive, Premium Audio and Consumer Accessories operating segments. Additionally, acquisitions should have a gross margin structure equal to or higher than our consolidated gross margins, and we will continue to look for acquisitions where we can leverage our corporate overhead and resources. Furthermore, it is important that management remains with VOXX as part of the acquisition, as their domain expertise, knowledge of both the inner workings of their respective companies and the end-markets they serve are paramount to successfully running operations and achieving growth. We also pursue acquisitions that will be accretive for the Company and its shareholders in the first year such acquisitions are made.

Rapidly integrate acquired businesses. One of the more compelling factors as to why acquired businesses choose VOXX International Corporation is that we are perceived as both a financial and strategic partner. We are operators, and companies view their association with us as a positive for the future of their businesses in that we can provide resources and support that others in our sector, or in the Private Equity community, cannot. Our strategy upon acquisition and in the years that follow, is to leverage our corporate strengths and integrate acquisitions into our operations. We provide accounting, MIS, warehouse and logistics support, as well as a host of value-added services that enable acquired companies to lower their cost basis and improve profitability. In recent years, we have consolidated facilities in our German operations and in Indiana, where we brought our RCA® and Klipsch® operating groups together.

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