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Although its roots are in the U.S., VOXX International has been a global company from its inception when Canada and Latin and South America joined domestic distribution. In 1996 VOXX International opened its first true international office in Venezuela. Audiovox Germany followed in 2002, and since then the company has employed a program of synergistic acquisitions designed to help the company enter new markets, expand its worldwide footprint and capitalize on an expansive support network. Today VOXX International has operations in 16 locations throughout eight countries.

Audiovox Germany

In July 2003, Audiovox Germany was born from the acquired U.S. audio operations of Recoton and the outstanding capital stock of Recoton German Holdings GmbH. This acquisition added the core domestic brands of Advent, Acoustic Research and Jensen for mobile and consumer electronics, as well as a host of well-known international brands such as Magnat, Mac Audio and Heco. Audiovox Germany enjoys number two market share in car audio and car video under the Magnat and Mac Audio brands. With this entrance into the European markets and the creation of Audiovox Germany, the company set its sights on future expansion.

Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH

Hirschmann Car Communication, headquartered in Neckartenzlingen, Germany, is a recognized tier-1 supplier of communications and infotainment solutions, primarily to the automotive industry, and counts among its global customers, Audi, BMW, DAF, Daimler, PSA, Renault, and Volkswagen Group, among others. The Company delivers technologically advanced automotive antenna systems and automotive digital TV tuner systems and is recognized throughout the industry for its commitment to innovation, having developed the world's first analog to digital tuner and the first digital TV tuner for the Chinese market. Hirschmann Car Communication holds more than 65 registered patents and has more than 100 patent filings which are currently pending.


In March 2007, Audiovox Germany completed its stock acquisition of Oehlbach, a European market leader in the accessories business. With the addition of Oehlbach, Audiovox added electronics accessory product lines to its European business to complement its consumer electronics offering. Accessory products from Oehlbach currently enjoy the number three market share in Germany. Find out more about Oelbach GmbH.

Audiovox Incaar Systems

In August 2007, Audiovox Germany completed the acquisition of certain assets of Incaar Limited, a U.K. business that specializes in rear-seat electronics systems. This acquisition added a new, international OEM component and greatly enhanced the company's product development and engineering capabilities to service the OEM, European car markets. Most recently, Audiovox Incaar Systems began supplying BMW and was awarded Bentley, Porsche and VW. Find out more about Audiovox Incaar Systems GmbH.


In October 2009, Audiovox German Holdings GmbH completed the acquisition of certain assets of Schwaiger GmbH, a German market leader in the consumer electronics, SAT and receiver technologies. As a result of this acquisition Audiovox Germany was able to expand European operations and increase presence in the European accessory market. Visit Schwaiger GmbH to view their products and company story.

Audiovox Venezuela

VOXX International's 1996 joint venture expanded its South American distribution to form Audiovox Venezuela which in 2005 became a wholly owned subsidiary. This operation serves both the OE market with its OE Assembly Facility dedicated to OE products as well as the aftermarket.

The facility includes a full design center with ISO/TS certification as well as an in-house technical support and repair center.

Audiovox México

In January 2008, Audiovox Electronics Corp. completed the purchase of assets from Thomson including the RCA trademark for defined AV products as well as expanding is Central America distribution to form Audiovox Mexico. Located in the heart of Mexico City?s most important business district, Audiovox Mexico supplies all major retailers and distributors with product categories such as Audio, Video, Mobile (Car Audio) and a wide variety of accessories while supporting its commercial operation with a strong after sale service structure and a group of in-floor sales promoters.


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