Supplier Compliance

Supplier compliance is a vital part of our overall sustainability initiative, and VOXX International is working to ensure we go 'beyond compliance' to satisfy the information needs of major retailers looking to gain transparency throughout their supply chains.

Renewable Choice EnergyGreenhouse Gas Inventory

During 2010, VOXX International, in conjunction with Renewable Choice Energy, developed a corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, providing greenhouse gas emissions data for the baseline year of 2009.

The following was measured in accordance with the methods set forth by the World Resources Institute GHG Protocol:

  • Scope 1: stationary and mobile combustion
  • Scope 2: purchased electricity

Our GHG inventory provides Audiovox with valuable data we can use to understand and reduce our GHG emissions. Our goals moving forward include:

  • Demonstrating emissions reductions and footprint improvements to our stakeholders
  • Continuing to address Scope-3 emissions sourced from product transport
  • Gaining insights into the relationship between improving efficiency and reducing emissions and costs
  • Development of a management strategy and preparation for the potential impact of new regulations

Carbon Disclosure Project

VOXX International has chosen to disclose our 2009 baseline GHG emissions data and climate-change strategy to the Carbon Disclosure Project in order to demonstrate that we are aware of and addressing climate-change risks and reviewing opportunities to continue product innovation measures and reduce costs.

Sustainable Supply Chain Guidelines

A company is only as sustainable as its supply chain, and VOXX International takes the performance of its suppliers seriously. We select suppliers based on various environmental performance criteria, such as:

We will continue to select suppliers based on environmental criteria and by our sustainability purchasing guidelines and social compliance evaluations and policies.

We recognize that there are many opportunities on the road to developing a sustainable organization. Therefore, we are committed to pursuing the following:

  • Reviewing the ability for our products to obtain additional third party certifications
  • Measuring and managing our water footprint
  • Continuing to innovate regarding impact minimization

Conflict Minerals

Under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, public companies on an annual basis hold several requirements. These requirements include reporting to the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission their use of "conflict minerals" which are defined to include tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold that are sourced in the Eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and surrounding countries (the "Conflict Region"). The mining of these minerals is controlled by violent factions who use their profits to finance a civil war characterized by repeated human rights violations.

VOXX International supports the humanitarian goal of ending the violent conflict in the Conflict Region by engaging in necessary due diligence and reporting procedures to ensure compliance with the SEC regulations. As a third-party manufacturer that sources the components for its products, it is the Company's policy not to knowingly source metals that come from the Conflict Region for use in any of our products. To ensure compliance, VOXX International requires all of its suppliers to identify the source of the minerals used in the manufacture of their components to establish the point of origin of their mining.

VOXX International will require its suppliers to develop policies toward preventing the use of conflict minerals or secondary metals sourced from mines controlled by armed groups in the Conflict Region in all items supplied to VOXX. All suppliers to VOXX must document their efforts to determine the origin of any conflict minerals or derivatives and provide VOXX with evidence of the root of the metals tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold in products supplied to VOXX.

As part of our global corporate citizenship and social responsibility program, VOXX International established a goal to certify that all of our products are manufactured with conflict-free minerals.

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