Corporate Structure

VOXX International Corporation is comprised of eleven wholly owned subsidiaries. Each of these subsidiaries represents a specific product category, a group of categories or geographic regions. For financial reporting, all of the subsidiaries are consolidated and reported as one entity, VOXX International. The most significant of our subsidiaries are:

Audiovox Electronics Corporation (AEC)

AEC is a recognized leader in the marketing of automotive entertainment, vehicle security and tracking, remote start, convenience accessories, collision avoidance systems and portable entertainment systems.

Among the product lines marketed by AEC are video systems; mobile multimedia systems; auto sound systems including satellite radio, vehicle security and remote start systems; portable DVD players; and personal and vehicle tracking devices. The company sells its products through an extensive distribution network that includes power retailers, 12-volt specialists, and mass merchandisers. AEC has a complete Original Equipment (OE) sales and development group that designs and develops products for the vehicle manufacturing community. The company markets its products under the Audiovox, Advent, Jensen, Excalibur, Code Alarm, Invision, Omega, Prestige and Pursuit brands.

Product design and development for this group includes engineering offices in three locations, where both the retail and OE engineers focus on products that meet and exceed consumer demands and trends for mobile electronics.

VOXX Accessories Corp (VAC)

Voxx Accessories Corporation is a global leader and innovator in consumer electronics accessories for home and on-the-go, delivering straightforward solutions for wireless home and portable audio, over-the-air HDTV reception, mobile device charging, cleaning & care, and personal sound amplification.

Voxx Accessories is committed to promoting a powerful, diverse and growing brand portfolio, with distinctive products in the Acoustic Research, RCA, RCA Symphonix, TERK, Jensen and Surface brands, and a diverse product offering that includes wireless speakers, mobile device charging stations and accessories, headphones, clock radios, MP3 players, digital voice recorders, remote controls, indoor/outdoor TV reception, HDMI cables and other A/V connectivity accessories, personal sound amplifiers, surge protection and power conditioning, and cleaning and care products.

Voxx Accessories Corporation provides advanced marketing services and efficient supply chain tools that shape future sales in the consumer and mobile professional markets. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Voxx Accessories Corporation is a subsidiary of Voxx Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), Hauppauge, NY.

Acoustic Research/RCA/RCA Symphonix/TERK/Jensen/Surface products are sold through an extensive distribution network that includes power retailers, mass merchandisers, distributors, Internet and select retail channels throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, and Latin America.

For additional information, visit our web sites at: RCA, Acoustic Research, TERK, Surface and Symphonix.

Audiovox Germany (Audiovox German Holdings GmbH)

Audiovox Germany markets the well-known international brands Magnat, Mac Audio and Heco and enjoys number two market share in car audio and car video under the Magnat and Mac Audio brands. They also sell some of Audiovox's core domestic brands such as Advent, Acoustic Research and Jensen for mobile and consumer electronics.

Audiovox Germany manages the acquisitions of Oehlbach & Schwaiger for accessory products as well as Incaar for OE electronics products for the vehicle manufacturing industry.

In addition to Audiovox Germany, the Company has a growing international presence in other parts of the world, including Mexico, Latin America, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific region. For more information, please visit Audiovox International below.

Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH

Hirschmann Car Communication is the newest of VOXX International's main selling group. Hirschmann Car Communication is a recognized tier-1 supplier of communications and infotainment solutions, primarily to the automotive industry, and counts among its global customers, Audi, BMW, DAF, Daimler, PSA, Renault, and Volkswagen Group, among others.

Hirschmann Car Communication delivers technologically advanced automotive antenna systems and automotive digital TV tuner systems and is recognized throughout the industry for its commitment to innovation, having developed the world's first analog to digital tuner and the first digital TV tuner for the Chinese market. Hirschmann Car Communication holds more than 65 registered patents and has more than 100 patent filings which are currently pending.

Hirschmann Car Communication's antenna business is primarily with automotive OEMs as well as with non-automotive and aftermarket customers. The Company offers a comprehensive portfolio of active and passive antenna systems for light vehicles and commercial vehicles. Its product portfolio consists of car roof antennas, mobile communication antennas, integrated antenna systems including film antennas and satellite antennas, as well as wireless local area network antenna solutions. H The Company is one of the leading suppliers in the European market and primarily sells products to German and European automotive OE manufacturers.

The Company's Tuner Systems business unit develops and supplies innovative mobile receiving systems for on-board digital TV exclusively to automotive OEMs. Hirschmann Car Communication is the only company capable of supplying TV tuners for all digital TV standards worldwide. Today, Hirschmann Car Communication is the global market leader for automotive digital TV tuner systems with a large percentage of sales generated in the China market. The Company holds numerous registered patents for tuner systems including hybrid tuner systems and for phase diversity. With market-leading innovations and next-generation products in development, such as the automotive tuner box including radio functionality, Hirschmann Car Communication is well positioned to meet customer demand and future customer expectations.


Klipsch has long been recognized as a premier manufacturer of high end audio products and is recognized as the #1 speaker company with #1 or #2 market positions across most of its primary categories.

Klipsch boasts a broad variety of products across a number of audio categories including home theater systems; indoor and outdoor speaker lines; surround sound systems; sub woofers; professional installation products such as cinema speakers; and personal audio products including headphones, iPod docking stations, computer speakers and more.

Klipsch has an impressive global distribution channel and long-standing relationships with most of its customers. In the U.S. Klipsch is sold at most of the big-box retailers, specialty retail chains, online and through a nationwide distribution network that reaches the installation (or CEDIA) market. Klipsch also has a strong national and regional presence with many independent retailers and are one of the leading headphone providers to Apple.

The brand enjoys a premium position in the installation channel, which targets residential contractors, high-end commercial installations and cinemas. In fact, over the past decade, more than 50 percent of all new cinemas in the Americas have installed Klipsch products, as estimated by company management.

On the international front, roughly 40 percent of Klipsch products are distributed outside of the U.S. and the Klipsch, Jamo and Energy brands already enjoy distribution in China and other Asia/Pacific countries, Australia, Russia, South America and throughout EMEA.

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