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One of VOXX Internationals' greatest strengths is bringing the latest in leading consumer electronics into the Original Equipment (OE) marketplace. Partnering with the world's foremost vehicle manufacturers requires keen market sense, the capability to readily deploy leading technologies, engineering focus, commitment to quality and a willingness to take on long-term projects - all while working hand in hand with our automotive partners.

VOXX International is no stranger to the OE market. We have been supplying our automotive partners with premier products for more than 20 years and continue to add new partners each year. Our Domestic Audiovox Automotive Group (AAG) is headquartered in Detroit, the heart of vehicle technology development for North America. We also have dedicated OE offices and technical support facilities in our corporate headquarters in New York, Germany, the U.K., China, Hong Kong and South America to support OE development for international auto makers.

Our key automotive partnerships currently include: BMW, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, KIA, Mazda, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota and more.

For vehicle manufacturers - whether here or abroad - VOXX International is a one-stop shop for entertainment, convenience and security mobile electronics. We enjoy a technology leadership position in this category with new contracts being awarded regularly. The core of our expertise centers on automotive solutions that encompass vehicle security, keyless entry, remote start, rear seat entertainment (RSE), in-vehicle TV, park assist, rear observation and, soon, lane departure and collision avoidance technologies.

Our success can be defined in two words: Innovation and Integration. Among our automotive industry milestones are the first keyless entry system, remote start system, two-way remote key fob with LCD screen, overhead video system, the first overhead with built-in DVD, the first custom headrest with built-in dual DVD, the first custom headrest with touch screens and the first overhead with built-in SONY PlayStation. As an OE supplier it is important not only to understand technical integration challenges but also to be equipped to manage them in the newest and most advanced vehicle electrical architecture and safety systems on the market.

As a result of our status as a premier supplier of technology products to the aftermarket we can deliver to our automotive partners a far greater assortment of product and integration options than our competition. But technology and integration is only part of the story. To be successful in the OE space requires acute focus on customer requirements, exacting product engineering and marketing partnerships with the world's largest and most technologically driven companies - the vehicle manufacturers.

Market Expertise

We know the automotive market better than anyone. Why? We have been a premier supplier of automotive aftermarket products since 1965. We started in the autosound arena and expanded into security, mobile video, communications and connectivity. That retail experience has kept our product development teams fresh and up-to-date on consumer trends in automotive integration. We understand the concept and the need for speed to market. Not only can we build premier products, but we are also close enough to the consumer to help the OE bring them to market.


OE success begins with design and development engineers, technicians and program managers work in concert with customer specifications to design, develop and validate OE products in remote start, vehicle security and rear seat entertainment - and the custom applications of those products through mod center and dealer channel programs. Our engineering facilities in Hauppauge, NY. Detroit, MI. and Orlando, FL. include in-house test and measurement labs where product characterization testing, environmental and durability DV/PV and limited electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) testing are performed.

Our OE staff of engineers and technical specialists works closely with automotive engineers from the major auto manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers to conceptualize establish design performance and validation requirements to develop new products for the OE marketplace. The company holds numerous patents/patents pending in areas including vehicle security, mobile video, telematics and voice recognition.

Application Engineering is performed at all design/engineering centers throughout the U.S. where vehicle integration technical experts develop products to customer specifications including: Electronic Circuit and Design layout; Embedded Software design; Packaging and Module Housing Design; Custom interface 'Plug-N-Play' wire harness design; and RFID Immobilizer Systems.

Our engineering staff continuously strives to develop products and systems that integrate a diverse range of features and functions by interconnecting our products with existing in-vehicle systems through automotive data bus systems (i.e. LAN, CAN etc). Though shared communication systems, data from the vehicle and our systems can be combined to yield high performance features with the attendant benefits of economical high value solutions.

Certified Production and Assembly Processes

VOXX International maintains international status in quality management systems for many of our products. The company initiated formal quality management systems in 1998 when it received QS-9000 certification for automotive audio, video and security system products and was upgraded to process based TS16949 in 2006. In support of our OE relationship with the FORD Motor Company, VOXX International secured Q1 status in early 2002. These certifications have allowed us to produce consistent products and systems for Delphi/GM, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Kia and Chrysler.

In addition, the company's wholly owned subsidiary Code Systems Inc., which supplies vehicle security and remote start products, was QS-9000 certified for vehicle security systems in 1995 and now is 16949 certified together with VOXX International. Our newest acquisition in the OE space, Invision, has also achieved 16949 certification.

As part of our community involvement, and in conjunction with our OEM customers, VOXX International has also developed an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which was certified in 2003. Our major environmental initiatives include recycling of many different materials and control of operations related to water and air quality requirements. We recently completed our first annual surveillance by our registrar with zero findings.

Audiovox Product Images
Audiovox Product Images

Timely Delivery & Logistics Management

VOXX International maintains a complete logistics department to ensure on-time delivery. This team works closely with our procurement and QC teams in Asia to coordinate vessels from the Pacific Rim with components and completed assemblies to deliver materials to production facilities in the U.S. On-time delivery is one of our strongest and most compelling capabilities.


In OE, the process may start with design but it must end with quality for the program to be considered a success. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process includes foam production, steel/post notching, steel assembly, vinyl lamination and headrest cover fabrication. Throughout each stage, VOXX International maintains international status in quality management systems to supply the very best in product application to the broadest range of OE partners.

A Brighter Future

The role of the OE group continues to grow and has been identified as an area of growth for our future. Despite our success in the market we believe we have just begun to scratch the surface on what can be accomplished here as our partnerships increase.

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